Pre-session Content

29 Jun 2020

Please take a look through these linked resources before this session. It will help you be more engaged in the material presented and the discussions that will be taking place.

When you're done reviewing this material, head over to the Activity tab to further prepare for the discussion in our live session.


Before the Faucet, After the Flush
How does water enter your tap? Take a quick dive into how water is purified and delivered throughout Chicago and how sewage is collected, treated, and returned back to our water bodies.

Short Articles

Ever wonder how Chicago’s water system works?
Take a look at how Chicago treats their drinking water and wastewater across many large facilities across the region.

Some Chicago Renters Are Stuck Living Without Water During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Although water is an essential resource, not everyone has access to it. Find out why.

Collar counties fast depleting their groundwater, turning eyes toward the lake
How much do we depend on our aquifers? Where do we turn to if we overdraw our groundwater reservoirs?

Interactive Maps

Track your Tap Water Interactive Map
Take a look at this map to run through tap water consumption and how the entire system can be affected because of withdrawal rate.

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