Chicago water bills

by Alexboca21,

I live in the city of Chicago. With a meter the average cost is $39.05 and without a meter is $79.94; on average $1.28 per 1,000 gallons. Since 2008 it has increased by $576. There has been several pikes in water, due to a substantial amount of lost water that Chicago has endured. Due to leaky pipes. Also that we tend to waste the amount of water we use. We take for granted what we have, such as taking to long of a shower. Factor the water used in parks and rec, and in a daily household. All the money it takes to replace sources that water comes from such as pipes, hydrants, pumps and meters. The areas affected the most are the lower income communities. Water shut offs are usually in lower Income communities. Compared to other utilities and housing prices it varies throughout the city depending on the neighborhood. There is this program called the Utility Billing Relief provides the lower income with a reduced water rate.

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